Legendary Skulls Giveaways


$35,000 or 240 EGLD prize pool Giveaway

When 1800 mints are reached, we will organize the second EGLD Giveaway for the holders.

We will draw random numbers between #1 and #1800, one by one, and we will distribute the prizes as follows:

After we will draw the number, we will go to our collection page, we will search for the NFT with that number, and will look for the owner’s wallet address. We will search the corespondent address in the owner’s section on the collection page to check how many NFTs are in the wallet.

*A wallet can win only once.

The winner’s drawing will last until the prize pool is emptied.

If for the last number drawn we don’t have enough USD in the prize pool, we will cover the difference.

Note #1: All the prizes are in US dollars

Note #2: All the prizes will be paid in EGLD

300 free NFTs from the next generation

To support and thank our community, in one month or two, we will release the next generation of Legendary Skulls. We give for free one NFT per wallet for the first 300 minters before the release. 

*This is meant for the minters, not for the first 300 NFTs minted. So, if you minted more than one, you’ll still receive just one free NFT.

*If you sold your NFT(NFTs) in the meantime, you’ll still receive yours.

70% from the royalties will go to our community

On the last day of every month, we will create a pool with 70% of the royalties and we will distribute as giveaways.

POD shop

We will create a POD website destined just for our holders. They can buy any item with their NFTs at a minimal price (we will try just to cover the expenses).

Staking platform

The token name, the ICO date, an the publication of the platform still needs to be decided. We expect to have everything up and running in the second part of Q2 2022.

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